We are a Swim 21 accredited club, which means that we have an accreditation along the lines of ISO9002 in industry. It serves to protect the swimmers, the club’s staff and volunteers by having structures in place which comply with standards of practice laid out by the ASA.

We have also implemented the ASA’s National Plan for Swimming, which has been devised as part of the more general ‘Long Term Athlete Development Plan’.

The swimming squad is split into different categories based on age and Lisa’s 3 ‘A’s – Ability, Attitude and Attendance. 

Academy: Our academy is the bridge between Stepping Stones and our Age Squads. The Academy has 3 stages, level 1, 2 & 3. Typically our younger swimmers join the Academy level 1 after they have successfully got their Stage 6 badge to help them prepare and adjust from 30minute lessons to squad style swimming by still attending their normal swimming lesson and attending a 1 hour session on a Sunday afternoon. At level 2 they no longer attend their 30 minute lesson, they train twice a week for 1 hour or longer each session. Level 3 is the final step before the Age Squads, training 3 times a week for at least 1 hour per session.

Age Squads: The Age Squads are for boys and girls who are competitive swimmers aged 8 to 14 who have completed up to the standard of the Stage 10 badge.  The Age Squad is split into 3 sub squads, Development, County, Performance.

Youth Squads: The Youth Squads are split into 3 sub squads, Youth Development, Youth County and Youth Performance.

Squad Criteria:
 Please click here for the squad criteria document *Updated 25/03/2017*


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