Training Session Timetable

Training times 2018

Land Training – Why do we need it?
Water time is essential that’s obvious but the exercise we do out of the water is critical to keeping us fit strong and  flexible , this combined with swim technique makes those PBs more accessible

Here are a few of the reasons we want to do more land training

  • Cardio– improves fitness endurance stamina and aerobic capacity. Helps with development of the fast twitch fibres which are engaged when swimming short and fast.
  • Stretching- stretching lengthens the muscles which helps avoid injury and increases flexibility.
  • Muscular strength– Developing strength give you stronger propulsion in the water, This will help the swimmer power through the water using triceps, biceps, lats, quads and hamstrings.
  • Core strength– Good strong core enhances body roll techniques and helps prevent injury. The core is the starting point and can provide strength power stability of the body position.
  • Injury prevention- Prevents injury and give more stability on the joints.

Log Book

Your log book is for you to record your swimming training and competition information.
Personal Information: Record your personal information and your height and weight quarterly.

  • Targets: Qualifying times you would like to achieve at the next Open Meet or by a certain date. In the mid term, maybe you would like to reach a County or Regional Championship final, and in the long term perhaps you would like to achieve a National time.
  • Target Times: Record the target times and times achieved in competition.
  • Competition log: Record any comments about your swims i.e. how you felt, what you ate before and during the meet, how much you drank. This is useful as it can sometimes explain why you swam well or why it wasn’t as you’d hoped. There is a space for your coach to comment too after the Meet.
  • Training log: To be completed after each training session to record the main emphasis of session, i.e. no. of metres swum, your comments, ratings for fatigue, muscle soreness, health and diet and your resting heart rate.

Please Click Here for your Log Book

Training Classifications
Please click Here for the British Swimming training information

Lisa’s Training Focus
In the run up to your Target meet please maintain your training attendance, the coaches will alter the sessions ready for you to swim fast. Do not reduce your training in the run up to the competition as this will affect the coaches ability to help your performance.

Please read the General NutritionNutrition – Pre and Post Event and Hydration presentations on the website to make sure you/your child is at peak condition ready for competition. 

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