The Classes Gala is held at Middleton Swimming Pool at the end of June each year. It is an opportunity for all the class’s swimmers to experience the competitive environment. We have a referee, starter, judges and timekeepers BUT the intention of the gala is for the swimmers to enjoy themselves and to start to get used to what it is like to attend a gala. Watching the timekeepers jostling for position in order to stop the young swimmers banging their heads when swimming widths on their backs is a treat!

The programme includes events for all swimmers with the distance and the use of aids being determined by the ability of the class. For example; the swimmers in the first class swim widths using floats whilst swimmers in the last class swim lengths with no aids.

At the end of the gala we hold a presentation ceremony for all swimmers and then all club members are invited to join in a fun swim. Throughout the event a BBQ is available.

The date of the gala is included in the calendar, which is displayed on the notice board and included on the web site. Nearer the time a poster will be placed on the notice board advertising the event.

Entry forms will be distributed about a month before the gala. They will need to be completed by the specified date and handed to the individual(s) specified on the form


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