Class Criteria What they do Badge
Shrimps From 3 years Working on water awareness and confidence. Ducklings 1 – 3
Frogs Duckling 3 Develop basic safety awareness, basic movement skills and further water confidence. Ducklings 4  / Stage 1
Turtles Ducklings 4 / Stage 1 Developing safe entries to the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travel and rotation unaided to regain upright position. Swimmers may use aids, eg: floats. Stage 2
Crocodiles Stage 2 Developing safe entries including submersion, travel up to 10m on the front and back, progress rotation skills and water safety knowledge. Stage 3
Stingrays Stage 3 Developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills, refining kicking technique and swimming 10m to a given standard as directed by the ASA. Stage 4
Sea Lions Stage 4 Developing ‘watermanship’ through sculling and treading water skills and complete rotation, also performing all strokes to the given standard as directed by the ASA. Stage 5
Killer Whales Stage 5 Developing effectiveswimming skills including coordinated breathing; developing the water safety aspects and understanding of preparation for exercise. Stage 6
NPSC Academy     Stage 7 – 10

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